About us

Situated in the beautiful Netherlands, Envy was created by a necessity for greenery and urban planning to join hands. We provide realistic visuals to help create a brighter future in the process.

Rick Bezemer
Managing director
Jeffrey Bervoets
Creative director
Peter Enkelaar
3D visualiser
Michael van Hooff
3D visualiser
Jeroen Coremans
3D visualiser
Femke van Norren
3D interiorstylist
Debby van de Graaf
3D interiorstylist

Why stop at just an idea? Envy does not stop at an idea, we envision and execute it. The future will stagnate if creative activity ceases to exist.

Everything we do is in-house, from the design phase to the final touches. It makes us stand out compared to other studios. No wait time for third-party delivery, slowing down your pipeline!

We believe in excellence above all else, so we have invested in the best team possible. By focusing on the most recent workflows, technologies and global events, we guarantee our highest quality.

078 642 77 46

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